Art of Pilates: Barre Class Review

barre class results

I am not sure if I have revealed the not too embarrassing fact that I am a fitness deal Groupon junkie. You know the kind that buys a different fitness deal for every month despite the fact they have a gym membership and are doing synchronized swimming on the weekends? Yea that's me. I mostly do this because I like to vary my workouts so I don't get bored but it is also good to change up your workout routine.

If you change up the exercise routine, your body will be continually challenged and it will burn more calories, resulting in a more successful weight loss. In addition, you can avoid repetition and boredom (Fit Day)

With that said, last month I dedicated myself to doing 5 sessions of barre classes at Art of Pilates through a Groupon deal. I have been hearing about these classes and how it is a mix of yoga, pilates and barre workouts. Oddly enough the barre part of the classes, at least at this studio, is not so ballet focused but used more for support when you are working those inner thighs (more on that thigh burning experience in a moment).

I entered the class with an open mind especially knowing in advance it was not the type of class to bring on the spinning class sweats so I expected something challenging but not electrolyte draining. I was right, but the intensity put to each part of your whole body is so intense you will discover muscles you never knew were there before! Usually you start with core (similar to yoga) to warm up your body and progress usually from arms, back, thighs, thighs, and some more thighs, then end with core when your whole body feels like jelly. I loved it! Was one of the few Groupon deals where I would buy a class package on my own when I finally run out of deals to pursue.

What was really intense and had me shaking was the thigh exercises, which were a mix of pilates (you know the ones that make your hip flexors feel like they are on fire) to using the barre for balance and standing in second position on your toes squatting and pulsating up and down. It is very rare that I have to tap out of sets but I did it often for almost three out of five of the classes and I consider myself in shape! After the first class the five new muscles I discovered in my butt were sore for days - I actually had to get my boyfriend to rub them out (to his great delight). This booty soreness is coming from someone who likes running stairs at least once a week, which only works one group of butt muscles I realized.

I definitely noticed that after several session my butt looked more rounded and shaped especially at the nape where it tends to be a little jiggly (the saddlebag jelly). I can definitely see this adding more definition to people who might have a small backside. For those who like a low impact workout but still feel like you ran a half marathon the next day - these classes are for you.