As I Am Clarity Shampoo Review

As I Am Curl Clarity Shampoo

The day is approaching when you will have to take time out of your day and shower out all of that product residue that has made your hair hopefully look fabulous over the last week. My day is fast approaching. It is happening this sunday actually. I have a mix of Too Shea curly products and probably some Tui oil left over in my hair. I also worked out at the gym this week and there is probably a buildup of sweat from that. Lastly, my exposure to the elements - smog, windy, dusty weather, etc is the last of random residue to be lodged in my hair and read to be washed out. Especially since I am planning a henna treatment on Sunday I want to make sure my hair is extra squeaky clean for that process. I found other clarifying shampoos (especially ones that are not tailored toward textured hair) excessively drying and almost damaging. Many also contain chemicals that I am not fond of. I found As I Am Clarity shampoo got the job done without the drying effect and trust me with 4a and 4b hair, my tresses can get dry easily! It also helps to follow up with a good conditioner or a DC too. For being mostly all natural ingredients I found that it lathered up pretty well too which is satisfying to know that the suds are doing some work to get the hair as clean as possible.