Fail-styles: My accidental Afro post-Flat Twist Out

Bad Hair Day Fail Style

For all the girls/guys out there that can cornrow/roll and flat twist - my hats off to you for your patience and expertise on something my long, clumsy, untrained fingers are unable to do. It sucks I tell you! 

Like many, I was really inspired by these Flat Twist Out styles I had been seeing in the last year. Gorgeous voluptuous curly fry looking curls that give volume and have hold. I want it! But to get there required I thought I could do on my own. Boy was I wrong again at my own lack of prowess in doing my own hair.

Besides executing crochet braids styles successfully (and I have a stylist of mine put in the cornrows) I was thinking that flat twists are definitely a level down from cornrowing...right? That is the case, but the ease of putting in flat twists (even after watching some how-to videos) was more difficult than I could have imagined and it took almost 1.5hrs! After putting the flat twists in I put some Perm Rods on the ends and let it dry. When I took it out several hours later, I had no big curls whatsoever. Instead it was like I just combed out my hair!

With 20 minutes left before I had to go to work I grabbed the afro pick and just fluffed it out. While driving to work I wasn't sure if I was more mad at the fail-style or the fact I put in 1.5 hours of work into an afro that can take 15 minutes. Huge disappointment for me but here are some take-aways:

  1. Just take yo azz to the stylist
  2. But keep practicing
  3. Twist tighter; my twists were not as tight but rather poofy
  4. Use a stronger holding gel (the kind you put on your twists and whatnot)

I am determined to try this again, one more time, on my own and hoping for different results! :)