Getting Creative: Faux Marley Braid Bun

So I have been meaning to latch on a faux Afro Marley Braid hair bun for quite some time, especially since I noticed that the texture of my hair resembles the synthetic hair - looks like a 4 days later shaggy twist out but much longer. The length and fullness is what I wanted for a top knot bun or low bun of some sort. I mentioned in previous posts how I was inspired by this video: 

I bought the Afro Marley Braid hair in my local beauty store (I think the brand I used was the traditional Black & Goldhair brand). The hair was fairly inexpensive, $12.99 for two bundles of 14in long Afro Marley Braid hair.

I tried doing the bun with the Afro Marley Braid hair as-is. I later decided that the hair pattern looked too uniform and raked a comb through it a little to make it slightly fluffier.

Faux Bun and Recycled Necklace Parts
Faux Bun and Recycled Necklace Parts

Both times I did it, I unfortunately did not get the bun as high as I wanted - maybe because I was short on time and I was busy winding two feet of synthetic hair on my head using the rear view window in my car! My sister believes you can't make a cool top bun with extremely textured hair but I'm determined to prove her wrong!

I also took the weekend to get creative and fix a broken necklace by using 5 pieces from 5 different pairs of my momma's circa 1995 earrings. I am glad that it came out color coordinated in the end.