Glowing Green Smoothie - Beneficial to Hair And Skin

Happy New Year!!! Of course on the second day of 2013 I wrote out some resolutions for the year, two-thirds of which I know I probably will not be able to complete or commit to i.e. #4: stop cussing in front of your parents! #8 on the resolution list, is to eat more vegetables, especially green leafy veggies. Not only do I think this will help my low iron-bordering on anemia but I figure it would also benefit the health of my hair and skin.

According to an article 6 Good Reasons to Eat Leafy Green Everyday

Switching to a low-glycemic diet, which includes leafy greens, has proven to be effective. (Other low-glycemic foods that benefit acne include whole grains, fish, and green tea.)

Leafy greens are chock full of inflammation fighting ingredients and they also contain lots of fiber, which helps keep blood sugar levels in check.

The proof was in the pudding when I spent six weeks in Japan in 2006 and I noticed not only did I loose 5 pounds and have long indestructible nails, but my skin was like glowing and clear!! and I am an adult acne sufferer who stubbornly chooses not to use birth control or harsh chemical-ly face washes to control the problem. My diet mostly consisted of green tea, fish, rice, and TONS/OVERLOADS of green DELICIOUS vegetable, both raw and cooked. I also noticed last year when I ate raw spinach or kale salads everyday at work for about two months there was a noticeable difference in how my face handled breakouts especially since I have a very high-glycemic diet complete with carbs and sweets (I can't live without them!).

Instead of eating raw spinach with its grassy aftertaste everyday at work I figured a nice quick 8oz smoothie with some added sweetness might not be a bad idea, plus it might be a good pick-me-up post workouts since I always want to take a cat nap.

Kale, Spinach, Banana, Berries, etc
Kale, Spinach, Banana, Berries, etc

I am going to experiment with these green smoothies using Kimberly Snyder's recipe as a starting point. I'll let you know how it turns out!