Krav Maga LA Review

I love how I stumble upon things I don't necessarily mean to. My bottom line is to work out 4-5 days out of the week but I never expected I would be doing Krav Maga. I bought it as a Groupon (because as you knowI am a Groupon exercise junkie) because I thought it offered boxing classes in addition to this Krav Maga (which I couldn't even pronounce at the time). The deal did offer boxing classes but I got more interested and caught up in the world of Krav Maga that I decided to spend the majority of my prepaid ten classes on attending only Krav Maga classes instead of boxing.

Krav Maga is a self-defense system developed for the military in Israel that consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from boxing, savate, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Judo, jiu-jitsu, wrestling and grappling, along with realistic fight training

I have never done any type of "contact" type sport before since I have been a swimmer and synchronized swimmer (some debate about how contact that can get) most of my life. Even with traditional contact sports like football or basketball etc, it does not compare to truly contact exercise like fighting and self defense techniques i.e. karate, judo, wrestling, boxing, etc. I have never done that before and didn't expect my first day of class to be punched in the stomach (while tensing up) and doing round house kicks into a pad! I really loved and enjoyed it! Granted the teacher said this is unusual to start a class out like this and she gave me the option to not be punched in the abs, I definitely went into it full speed ahead - and its not that bad! The next day my stomach felt sorer than after doing 30 minutes of an abs class and it wasn't a bruised sore, it was muscle sore.

I also don't consider myself like a tough person. I am pretty dainty and fragile acting. A lot of the people in there are like really into it and on kill-kill mode, meanwhile I am laughing at myself as I get thrown into the floor as someone attempts to disarm a (fake) knife from me. So anyone can try it even though I scared Brocollete off when I told her about my first day which I regret and will attempt to help her reconsider in coming along. I do enjoy learning combinations of moves i.e. right arm punch, left arm hook, elbow to the face, knee in the stomach, fist to the back of the neck type combos - which can have some real applicability in the real world granted an elbow in the face (when done correctly) is enough to give you time to runaway while your aggressor is recovering from a slight concussion (my elbows are nothing to play with). Another time I just got beat up on (lightly) by one of the upper level Krav Maga'ers which is scary at first but it made me more confident in my ability to ward of potential punches, kicks etc to the body.

NOT Krava Maga - I don't know what I am doing actually...
NOT Krava Maga - I don't know what I am doing actually...

My only criticism is that sometimes classes before yours run into the next class by a little or a lot of time (like 15-20 minutes in) so if you have somewhere to be after class or don't mind having a 45 minute workout sometimes, then you should be good. Other than that I really like the teachers including the founder (who is hilarious and should be an actor in movies or something) and I really look forward to every class during the week. This would definitely be another groupon (just like the Yoga Barre Classes)I end up buying some class packages in the future - more for self defense purposes than getting on black belt levels.