MY Green Smoothie Recipe for a Clear Face & Healthy Hair

So a few months ago I mentioned how I was going to try making and drinking these 'glowing green smoothies' - basically fruits and leafy green vegetables and various andives blended together into a delicious (most of the time) thick smoothie. The benefits are implied: Vegetables are good for you! but they also help with hair and skin health! I have been drinking green smoothies everyday for about two months now and I noticed that it helps keep a lot of my blemishes at bay and I feel more energized in the morning.

My Green Smoothie
My Green Smoothie

Although there are variations to green smoothies out there, after some trial and error I found a combination of fruits, veggies, and juices that made a palpable morning drink:

Recipe 1:

1 cup apple juice

1 cut up pear (bosh pears are great!)

3 cups of loosely packed greens (kale or spinach or both!)

Recipe 2:

1 cup vanilla non-fat yogurt

1/4 cup of vanilla soy milk or milk

3/4 cup of frozen mixed berries or peaches

3 cups of loosely packed greens (kale or spinach or both)

I just use a regular blender to make these smoothies, not a juicer - I find that it is less clean up with a blender. If you find that it starts getting a little chunky add more liquid - either apple juice or milk. Apple juice and pears are the BEST option to get rid of that grassy taste in the smoothie - you practically taste NOTHING akin to green leaves in recipe 1. Recipe 2 still tastes good but it can tend to taste seedy if you use a lot of berries.

Both versions can also be enough for two 8 oz servings. I would drink the second serving by the next day though otherwise it might start tasting not so fresh. Many people like drinking 16oz+ of green type smoothies a day but I have read some research that too many oxalates can be dangerous to your health believe it or not.