Natural Hair v. The Wig - A Quick Fix Solution w/o breaking your Natural stride

Are you looking for versatility? Do you want to try a new cut or color but don't want to put your hair through potential turmoil? Are you often caught off guard when your friends spontaneously want to paint the town red and your hair does not match the image that you would like to portray? Most importantly... are you DARING?
If the answer to one of these questions is even a remote "yes", consider trying a wig! Not just one, but a few because I know you have been coveting plenty of hairstyles that are waiting to come to life. I am not referring to the cliched "church lady wig". Perhaps you have grown up weary of the one that sits on your grandmother's dresser, stiff and ready to accompany her on special occassions. The difference between your wig and Grandma's is that you have embraced your ability to be the doll that you are.
Like any decision made in life, research and trials should be throughly executed before committing to a change in your appearance. Don't worry, it is as easy as 1-2-3!
1. Select a Style
I know that you are fully aware of the tricks of the trade. There is no way the Rihannas and Beyonce's of the world can transform their look from day to day without the help of additional hair pieces. Whether it is a drawstring cap, half wig, a full wig or even a piece that you clip on (i.e. bangs, colored extensions), they all can make you go from 0-100 in 60 seconds all while protecting your precious tresses. What makes you any different from these starlets? You can be a rockstar too! The preparation process is easy: no muss, no fuss. Conceal your God given hair by braiding it up and tucking it inside a wig cap. When selecting a wig correctly, you achieve the same results that you would obtain if you sat in a stylist's chair for hours. I am positive that you have a celebrity doppledanger out there that you actually like. If not, there is someone famous or unknown that you can use as an inspirational muse. Use their styles as a starting point.
2. Find a Wig Shop
Locate a wig shop that has no problem allowing you to try on dozens of wigs (some have limits). Grab all of the styrofoam heads that suit your fancy, line them up in front of the mirror and start trying "Zelda", "Samantha" and "Chloe" on. Each wig, no matter how madly in love you are with the style, will not suit you. Don't be discouraged, you will find a perfect match! It helps to take someone with you so that they can give you an honest opinion. Pointed questions regarding the natural look of the wig while you have it on should be asked: Does it accent the shape of your face? Is it a slight or drastic deviation from the way you normally style your hair? If you tried, could your natural hair be manipulated into looking like the wig? If you can answer the affirmative to at least two out of three of these questions, then you have the right idea in mind. Bring your phone along so that you can take pictures and maybe send a message to someone whose opinion you trust. The better the quality of hair the wig has, the better off you are. You don't have to splurge on a human hair ornament, synthetic hair will work out just fine.
3. Personalization
Once you have made your bold, new purchase, take it home and build a look that supports the creative nature of your new 'do. Sometimes your hair dictates your clothing choices so personalize the purchase with accessories, make-up, but most importantly, personality! If you make -believe that the hair on your head belongs to you, no one will test you. When you have forgotten what is on your head, admirers will wonder how you achieved such a polished look.ย  Of course questions will ensue and it is up to you to play truth or dare. The truth of the matter is that you cannot let the hair wear you! Confidence is key and always sets the tone for successful ventures such as this. Self-awareness is very necessary when choosing a wig. Consider your stature, wardrobe, and personality before donning a new hairstyle because you do not want self-conciousness to prevail when you are out on the scene. Be sure to take care of your new tresses by letting them air out after being worn, and folding it inside out when ready to be placed in a plastic bag and stored away. It takes a long time for a wig to become old and lose its luster, once you notice that all of the life has been drained from it, if you really like it, buy a new one!
Why not dare to be a different "you" while playing it safe? The worse thing that could happen is that somehow it falls off and if so, at least all the girls around you will know that yes, they can look amazing, just like you... if they tried.