Natural Woman / Natural Hair: A Hair Journey by T'keyah Crystal Keymah - Review

Natural Woman - Natural Hair
Natural Woman - Natural Hair

Natural Woman / Natural Hair: A Hair Journey, Hairstyles and Hairstories From the Front with simple step-by-step instructions on taking care of your natural hair

Margaret: So what are you going to call the book? T'Keyah: I was thinking...Styles for Nappy Hair Margaret: Oooh. I don't know, people find the word nappy offensive. T'Keyah: Is there another word that's not offensive that describes the natural state of our hair? ... Is the word nappy actually offensive for some good reason? Or does it just have a negative connotation because we're taught to believe the natural state of our hair...nappy, is ugly? ...I'm not trying to offend people, but if the way I look offends people, in fact, if the way they look offends them, then they need to be offended until they learn that they shouldn't be. So, the name of the book is - Styles for Nappy Hair.

This was a section of a conversation between the author and her friend in the Foreward of the book. Unfortunately, the book ended up not being titled  'Styles of Nappy Hair' when I wish it could of been! Like T'Keyah, I always wondered why people associated a negative connotation to "nappy". I always proudly proclaimed to my friends talking about hair on the bus that I was nappy and proud! I always declared to snooping and overly curious guys who were wondering what type of hair was hiding underneath my swim cap, wig, or hat that I had happy naps growing under there, what else did you expect?

Well if I am that proud to be nappy why didn't we just call this site, for the same reasons T'Keyah didn't name her book, 'Styles for Nappy Hair.' Hair and people, as evidenced in her book, have a variety of textures that can be created with certain styles. Nappy is too narrow, and even other more neutral terms like coily or kinky can also be exclusive. But this natural (no pun intended) trend toward describing a variety of hair as curly is a little more all encompassing.

T'Keyah's book highlights a variety of curly textured hair people in her book, from the loose curls (3a/3c) to the tighter curls (4b, 4c). What is great about her book in comparison to others and probably worth the price depending on your budget, is that her book is illustrated in color, so you are able to see the patterns in how the hair is parted to the glossy luster of flat twist styles. Apart from featuring most of the In Living Color cast to model her hairstyles, she has a decent amount of styling tutorials for locks, mens' hairstyles and children's hairstyles as well. We would also to acknowledge her attention and advice given to using natural, non-petrolatum and non-alcohol products which can damage any head of hair.