Oyin Handmade Whipped Pudding Review

I love hair companies that create these really delectable hair product titles from something sugars, smoothies, puddings etc (Carol's Daughter is amazing at it!) But sometimes only a few hair products actually convey the connotation of their title. Oyin Handmade Whipped Pudding, 8oz is one of those products that actually lives up to its delicious name. The texture has a whipped feeling and the density is enough to be considered a pudding. It is not heavy though which is nice and blends nicely into the hair. I used the product to twist my hair after I had my hair blow-dried and trimmed and usually that means more product has to be used because its not wet and there is a lot more hair to apply the product to. I bought the 4oz version and I went through 3/4 of the product while twisting my hair in its blow dried state. I proceeded to use what was left of the product the next time I did twists when it was wet and I still noticed that the product depleted quickly.

The twists held up nicely and the product is definitely moisturizing - with water and shea being its leading ingredients.  It kept my twists soft and light,  it didn't feel like it was weighed down by a heavy product; I just wish it would of lasted longer. I feel that even if I bought the 8oz I think it would only last for about two full twisting sessions. It definitely is not one of those products that suggest using "less is more!."