Product Review: Alaffia Nourishing Conditioner Shea & Honey

I just love raving about products right after I use them so all the reasons why I love them are still fresh in my mind. I co-washed my hair today with Alaffia Nourishing Conditioner For Dry or Damaged Hair Shea and Honey -- 8 fl oz

I started co-washing very recently, usually when my hair is in twists and when I don't go to the gym more than three times a week. I like it because I feel like it refreshes the hair without  stripping it of all the oils and moisturizers I have been layering it with throughout the week. This conditioner I use is an added plus to help revitalize my naturally dry hair.

I have been using the conditioner along with the shampoo (a black soap with shea and honey) for almost more than a year now and I am overly satisfied. Usually when I am not satisfied, I keep trying different products but its just so hard to leave this product for a number of reasons:

This conditioner has a lovely scent. People will be complimenting you throughout the day because its just so floral and fresh.

It will leave your hair supple and soft feeling like you just did a deep conditioner. I think its because the conditioner actually coats the strands of hair, not to the point where it feels like you still have product left in your hair, but that you hair is soft and manageable. I found it was a lot easier to comb after.

Some of the setbacks I have with this product, is FINDING it! There are a variety of products by Alaffia and a lot of their conditioners have the same color but DIFFERENT ingredients. I found that the shea & honey Alaffia conditioner is more for the thicker and coarser hair types. I think it might be too heavy or it might weigh down finer hair types. I usually have to go to several wholefoods to find some in stock if they carry it at all. I find myself buying it in bulk off Amazon, because one 8oz bottle can maybe only effectively serve 4 to 5 washes. If you your hair is not as thick then maybe you can extend how much you use out of one bottle. Depending on how much hair your have and how often you wash it might be in your interest to buy the bulk, hair salon style bottle (32oz+) which they do sell on their main website.