Product Review: Komaza Protein Hair Strengthener

After reading about the importance of balancing Protein and Moisture in your hair from books such as The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care, I made an effort to incorporate some sort of protein treatment into my hair regimen. Just to give a little background about WHY protein treatments are a relatively good idea for your hair, Just Curlz Blog sums it up nicely:

Naturally curly hair relies on a balance of proteins, nutrients, and oils to support healthy roots. Your hair is approximately 91 percent protein, and is made up of long chains of amino acids. Harsh chemical treatments, exposure to sun, pollution and lack of proper care can lead to the breaking up of these chains resulting in brittle and dull hair. Since the hair is made up of protein it would only make sense to treat your hair with protein.

When I first tried the Komaza Protein Hair Strengthener treatment, I had the first version which was in a spray bottle and I think it has a little bit more liquidity than the current and updated version that Komaza is now selling. It was very difficult to find a protein treatment that was not chock full of preservatives and harsh chemicals - granted this product does contain some form of sulfates. In any case, I went with this product because of the brand's focus on curly/kinky and natural hair, and I thought the product would be more tailored to my hair's protein needs.

The protein treatment at my local hair salon is $30 additional dollars (I don't know why), so I was expecting some gratifying results from the reasonably priced Komaza Protein Hair Strengthener . The product recommends combing the substance through your hair from root to tip in sections, then adding some heat (either a blow dryer or a soft bonnet/stationary dryer) without putting a plastic cap on your head. The process of putting on the protein treatment was interesting and at the same time alien to me, I was not expecting my hair to be hardened post drying for 20 minutes. It was really strange! The protein treatment even when it is hardened washes out completely but make sure to follow up with a good deep conditioner (I used Qhemet Biologics Moringa Tree Conditioning Ghee with some heat added). 

Komaza Protein Hair Strengthener
Komaza Protein Hair Strengthener

The results of using the Komaza Protein Hair Strengthener are not immediately apparent until the next time you use the treatment, which for me was almost a month and half later (they recommend using it every 2-4 weeks). During that month and half my hair had undergone a lot of 'trauma', in and out of chlorinated pools, direct sunlight beating down on my head on an island right at the equator, dry and humid was a lot. My hair felt really wiry, dry, and just hard after all that. I used the Komaza Protein Hair Strengthener and did a wash n go the next day and my hair thankfully felt so much more manageable and SOFT . Again I would like to lend the results to the product, because I did a poor job of moisturizing and maintaining my hair the last few weeks. I am looking forward to doing my third treatment to see if there are further changes.