Saving Our Do's from some Women's Kryptonite - Sweat!

Normally a girl likes to wear her hair in it's natural state.  Partially because she is too lazy to blow it out, partially because it's healthier and partially because she can get her dose of power out to the people.  Sometimes though, when she's feeling a bit saucy, she likes to let it flow.  Maybe she feels saucy pretty often ;) (maybe twice a month).   When this happens, the last thing she wants is some damn sweat from her daily workout messing with her swag.  After praying day and night for her swag-saving hero,  it has finally arrived.  Thanks to Nicole Ari Parker (the wife of super cutie Boris Kodjoe), women everywhere can rejoice for frizz-free hair after workouts.  The Save Your Do head wrap prevents us creative hairstyle chicks from using any of the following excuses for why they cant work out ever again:  1. I just got my hair done! You know I need those five days.  2. I have a date tonight, I gotta keep my kitchen in check. 3. Oh no, I am not trying to sweat my hair out, I just flat ironed this last night. Now ladies, Save Your Do (SYD) is not 100% perfect, don't get too TOO excited.  If you take no prisoners at the gym and are an aggressive sweat-er (like me) then your edges may still curl up a tiny bit.  Honestly I was a little p/o'd upon discovering this.  BUT....with a little balm before using SYD and a quick, light blow dry on those edges I was good to go!  Don't take my word for it though, visit Save Your Do to check one out for yourself.  Oh and, for all of us princesses, they do come in pink.  Let me know what you think!

Love, Veggies and Sweat, Brocollete