Soft Bonnet Dryer - Perfect for a quick DC

Hairart Soft Dryer Bonnet - 1999 (Black)

Have you invested in one of those hard plastic helmet-type hair dryers that seem to only dry only one portion of your hair? I did. Miss those soft bonnet conair dryers that USED to work from your mother's golden years? I do. I finally found this soft bonnet attachment which I was skeptical about at first, questioning, is it going to get hot enough, but not too hot? is it going to fly off my head once air starts blowing through? is the attachement going to attach to ANY hair dryer? Basically the answer to all my questions was thankfully yes and at a cheap price too in comparison to other dryers! I primarily use this for my deep conditioning treatments but the bonnet is big enough to accommodate curlers, foam rollers, etc. The key to this working was definitely the draw string at the crown of the head otherwise it would fly away and the heat would escape. There is also a shiny aluminum/metallic version available which I think probably retains more heat than the soft bonnet version Hair Art EZ Dryer Bonnet Gold