Stylin' Boxes: Stitch Fix Review

Three months ago, a friend and I decided to try out one of the Fashion-powered boxes called Stitch Fix. Boxes are usually delivered monthly or as often as you want with five pieces (clothes, accessories, etc) that fit your style profile - a sort of survey you fill out online. There is a $20 styling fee that can be deducted from whatever you end up purchasing within your box. The best part, return shipping is FREE! My friend and I were really excited to get some new pieces picked out to fit our body type and style preferences and gave it a try for a couple of months before finally ending our monthly fixes. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Quality

Out of the three boxes (aka fixes) that I have received I would say that half were great quality and the other half were poor quality. The split skirt that you see above, along with just being not my style (the print and double cuts in the front) the fabric felt like some type of inexpensive polyester. It felt and looked cheap, and to add insult to injury the asking price was above $30. This item came with my first box and I understood they were just getting used to my style preferences and I was using this box as a way to hopefully guide the next stylist to find better options (think Pandora for clothes). The other item I received, the black asymmetrical zip type jacket/top was awesome. The cut was perfect, the style, and the light incandescent sheen to the black fabric gave it a polished look. Asking price was $88 unfortunately and I did not keep it, which was my other problem with Stitch Fix.

2.  Price

These two pieces came with my second box, the only box I felt Stitch Fix got 4 out of 5 pieces right in terms of my style! The Monet looking flower print dress was printed on this weird stretchy material that felt like you should not pay more than $20 for, if that. The light denim dress was right up my style ally but definitely not within my budget. Don't get me wrong, I don't think of myself nor do I act like a cheapskate, I will gladly pay upwards of $100 for a well tailored blazer from Zara or a pair of perfect fit blue denim jeans from Joe's Jeans. The dress felt and looked less than what the asking price was and I was not willing to invest in it. I have the feeling that a lot of the  Stitch Fix item prices are inflated in order to understandably cover company and stylists costs. I just wish the quality of the product matched the price offered.

3. Style

Stitch Fix is 80% about delivering and providing you pieces that fit your style profile. After getting through the frustrations of the underwhelming first box and happily opening and trying on pieces from the second box, then sadly realizing the third box was a rehash of my first box, I gave up on Stitch Fix deciphering my style anymore (why didn't they just keep the previous stylist from the second box?). The second box contained this blouse, light denim dress and asymmetrical zip jacket (seen above) - all items I really liked. Third box comes and I try on this dowdy, horribly printed, 90s art teacher dress. I was so unimpressed I didn't even try on or take photos of the other two items in the box. I did end up keeping an overpriced jersey wrap dress that my friend also received and looks like many other people who reviewed on Stitch Fix got this default dress as well. 

One thing Stitch Fix did really well was their detailed style profile survey that asked very specific questions about your sizing. Like 90% of the American female population, I have a unique body type. I wear a small in shirts, but need long sleeves to accommodate my long orangutan-like arms (haha). I also have a small waist, but have a butt and thighs, long legs, and a high crotch. Essentially, when I go shopping it takes a long time to find things that fit well. I was impressed that most if not all the stuff they delivered fit, and was not too baggy nor too tight. Kudos to them for that!