Weave Chronicles: Day 45 Crochet Braids w/ Color

Almost a month and a half in with my crochet braids with color ( a mix of Freetress Braid Bohemian 1B and TP1B/530 - the red highlights) and it is past due for Ms. Synthetica to come out, for a couple of reasons: 1. My middle part: I was really disappointed about my middle part at first but I grew to like it within a few days. However, I strongly feel the reason I am taking out my crochet braids earlier at 6 weeks than 8-9 weeks is because the fuzziness of my middle part is more readily apparent than a side part. I also think my side part baby hair lies down flatter than the hair in the middle of my head lol.

2. Excessive Growth (which isn't a bad thing): Maybe it's because my hair is growing really fast too (is green juicing to blame?) and so with a middle part, my part is getting wider than the Red Sea

3. Lots of SwimmingFor some reason the colored hair is not holding up from wear and tear in the pool and the shampooing and conditioning that follows. When I stayed with the one color it wasn't as mangy post-swimming as the days passed. Then again I heard it is possible you can get a 'bad batch' of synthetic hair and that could of been my issue as well. The crochet braids with color definitely doesn't have the same luster after a few weeks in comparison to the one hair color I used (see the first two pictures above).

All in all the maintenance part of it hasn't changed, I still find myself cutting those random frayed ends at my office desk and I still have to use an applicator bottle to condition my hair properly. Next time I am going to try doing long crochet braids which I am sure won't last as long as the shorter version, we shall see.