Weave Chronicles: Easy Crochet Braids Take-Down w/o Breakage

I got the chance to take out my third installment of crochet braids with Freetress Braid Bohemian 1B and some TP1B/530 that has red highlights. It was a fun and new ride (first time with a middle part) but I was really looking forward to renovating my take-down routine post-crochet braids. Previously post crochet braids, my hair was extra dry and breaking everywhere. The comb out session took close to three hours and I was loosing so much hair. It wasn't until a suggestion from the comment section on my blog post that a light bulb went off on my head about how to properly take out my hair. It was quite honestly an epiphany!

Instead of taking out my cornrows, washing it, and struggling to comb that mess after, wash your hair really well while the cornrows are still in! It makes such a difference! I washed my hair several times with my Alaffia Nourishing Shampoothen followed up with the  Alaffia Nourishing Conditioner.Afterwards I slathered a combo of Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatmentand Coconut Oil into my damp cornrows - it was a very generous heaping.

I then deep conditioned under a Soft Bonnet Dryer for 30 minutes. Afterwards with the conditioning agents still in I took out each cornrow and combed it out and braided it up - it was so easy and took about 45 minutes total to comb out all cornrows. I had very minimal shed hair and wasn't grappling with tangled knots from washing the hair. Afterwards I washed out my hair with the braids in and twisted it up with some homemade flax seed gel no problem!

This take down process is a high recommend for girls with type 4 hair that lack moisture - makes your life a breeze!

Tried out the knotted scarf look for the first time after I cut out my freetress hair
Tried out the knotted scarf look for the first time after I cut out my freetress hair